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100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time: Part 3

Sorry for the loooong!! delay...have been a bit preoccupied lately. Anyway, here they are..number 60-41.

60. The New Order--Testament(1988)
Testament's sophomore offering is definitely one of their best, one of the best in all of thrash actually. Though this one is a bit more rock n' rolly than their masterful debut, it still thrashes hard. Disciples of the Watch and Into the Pit are tunes that any self respecting metalhead need not miss!!

59. Keeper of the Seven Keys I--Helloween(1987)
This is undoubtedly the most influential album in all of power metal, period! That being said, it still contains some filler material. Killer tracks include I'm Alive, Future World and the epic Halloween.

58. Hell Awaits--Slayer(1985)
Well, what can I say..this is Slayer!....and Slayer rules. 7 tracks of satanic imagery and demonic riffage. It's killer from start to finish...although Necrophiliac and Praise of Death do stand out from the rest just a bit.

57. Don't Break the Oath--Mercyful Fate(1984)
One of the most reverred albums in all of black metal. This was King Diamond before there was King Diamond. With the scope of their influence including Metallica and Slayer, you should know how legendary this band is. A Dangerous Meeting, The Oath and Come to the Sabbath are eternal metal classics. Melissa is widely regarded as their best album(maybe for the sheer magnitude of it's influence) but I prefer this one.

56. Restless and Wild--Accept(1982)
Fast as a Shark anyone? If you don't know this tune and call yourself a metalhead...I fart in your general direction. Add to this other cult classics like Princess of Dawn and Restless and Wild and you got yourself one of the most deftly crafted heavy metal albums of all time.

55. Piece of Time--Atheist(1989)
One of the most important albums in the history of progresive metal. Think of it as Death meets Miles Davis. It's an experience every metalhead must subject himself to. Nothing more to add here :)

54. Kill 'Em All--Metallica(1983)
Ok, Metallica have finally cracked the list with what is perhaps the first real thrash album ever. It's raw, it's menacing, and blisteringly heavy. The production does a leave a lot to be desired but it still is one hell of a thrashtastic ride. Killer tracks include The Four Horsemen, Seek and Destroy and Whiplash.

53. Among The Living--Anthrax(1987)
This is it, this is Anthrax's masterpiece in their overhyped(IMO) career. With classics like Caught in a Mosh, NFL and Indians, you just can't go wrong with this one.

52. Extreme Aggression--Kreator(1989)
Kreator are back on the list with their best album to date. Truly justifying the title; this is how thrash needs to be(sometimes atleast :)) boring breakdowns, no synths, no stupid interludes...bang your ******* head. Killer tracks include Betrayer, Title Track and Some Pain Will Last.

51. Metropolis Pt.2:Scenes from a Memory--Dream Theater(1999)
This is probably DT's most complex album to date. To enjoy the beauty of this album you have to surrender to it...yes..that's the only way. Tracks like Through Her Eyes, Home and The Dance of Eternity are still good enough to catch your attention out of the blue though.

50. Hall of the Mountain King--Savatage(1987)
If Streets:A Rock Opera is their magnum opus, then Hall of The Moutain King is their masterpiece. Yes, this is agressive power metal at its best. No one with half a brain could call tracks like 24 hours Ago, Beyond the Doors of Dark and Hall of the Mountain King anything but immortal classics.

49. Hysteria--Def Leppard(1987)
One of the most complete hard rock/heavy metal albums ever made. Ballads, rock n' roll, heavy tunes, party had everything. Women, Rocket, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Love Bites, Hysteria, Gods of War, Love and just never runs out of hits does it. A must own for anyone who loves music(not just rock/metal).

48. Empire--Queensryche(1990)
Ahh, one of my favourite bands cracks the list. It's not that progressive/concept metal albums weren't there before Queensryche, but, no one did it like these guys did. Geoff Tate has got to be one of the best vocalists, if not the best in all of rock/metal....the range!!! Oh My God!! You don't agree?? Ehh..just suck it up anyway :). Silent Lucidity(who doesn't know this), Jet City Woman, Della Brown & Best I Can are the killer tracks here.

47. Colony--In Flames(1999)
This is perhaps In Flames' last great album, and boy does it rock!! In the world of Melodic Death Metal, it doesn't get better than In Flames; Dark Tranquiliity comes close, but not quite there. I don't care if their last 4 albums sucked(which they did, except for Come Clarity which was highly enjoyable). Embody the Invisible, Colony, Ordinary Story, Insipid 2000...this album rocks hard!! from start to finish.

46. South of Heaven--Slayer(1988)
This is undoubtedly Slayer's most progressive output to date. Don't let that fool you's not a Tool or Dream Theater level thing. With bands like Slayer, even progression has limits:) They know how to Thrash!!, and they do it pretty darn well almost every time. With classics like the title track, Mandatory Suicide, Live Undead, Behind the Crooked Cross & Spill the Blood, it's a must in every thrash lover's collection.

45. Far Beyond Driven--Pantera(1994)
Pantera finally crack the list. As surprising as it may sound, this album could have been MUCH higher on this list if they had not decided to fill it up with some junk here and there...coz the first four tracks on this album are some of the best they've ever written.Killer tracks include Strength Beyond Strength, Becoming, 5 Minutes Alone, I'm Broken & Throes of Rejection.

44. Holy Diver--Dio(1983)
Ahh. Ronnie...James..Dio. What a man, what an artist. After salvaging the flagging career of Black Sabbath, he made his solo debut with this album. With classic tunes like Rainbow in the Dark, Holy Diver, Stand up and Shout and Straight Through the Heart, it is a gem in all of hard rock/metal.

43. Horrorscope--Overkill(1991)
Yeah! baby, Overkill cracks the list. It's criminal how underrated this band is. You think Thrash stops with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth? Well, listen to some Overkill and think again. This is one of the finest Thrash albums of the nineties. Listen to Thanx Fur Nuthin, Bare Bones & Coma to understand what I mean.

42. Altars of Madness--Morbid Angel(1989)
If Possessed and Death laid the seeds for Death Metal, then Morbid Angel certainly took it to the next level with their debut. This is, without doubt, THE most important and influential album for all of modern Death Metal or extreme music in general. While the following album, Blessed Are the Sick, may be better in a technical sense...the sheer agressiveness of this album dwarfs anything they have ever done. It's surprising how it holds up so well against many new death metal offerings even 20 years after its release. All tracks here are top notch old school death metal..though Immortal Rites and Chapel of Ghouls do stand out from the pack.

41. Follow the Reaper--Children of Bodom(2000)
This is CoB's best album to date. It is much more varied than their other offerings and the guitar work found here is just exemplary. ..not to mention the oustanding keyboard work. Not a single filler to be found here...all of them are sure to knock you off your feet. Hate Me, Everytime I Die, Follow The Reaper, Children of Decadence are instant classics....and the solo from the best song here, Kissing the Shadows, has got to be one of the best...EVER!!


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