Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time--Part 1

Ok, I know I'm not Martin Popoff but I'm going to make this list anyway. As always, some of the albums MAY find a spot here for their sheer influence or innovation, but most of them will be here because I enjoy them. A few might also not fit with the "Metal" tag, but's my list. Without any further ado, here are #s 100 to 81 for you.

100. Game Over--Nuclear Assault(1986/87)
Following in the footsteps of Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I., Nuclear Assault had transformed into a full blown thrash metal band with this release, and it is their crowning achievement. Insane riffs, screeching vocals and politically charged lyrics make this an absolutely must own for any fan of thrash,hardcore or crossover. Killer tracks--Sin, Betrayal and My America.

99. Pleasures of the Flesh--Exodus(1987)
Exodus' sophomore release without Paul Baloff!!!...but this one still doesn't disappoint a bit. Not as ferocious and unrelenting as their masterful debut, this one packs quite a punch and some grooves too. Killer tracks--Parasite, Choose your weapon and Chemi-kill.

While Destroy Erase Improve is almost universally accepted as the best Mehuggah album, I prefer this one. This album is literally a sonic panic and sometimes uncomfortably heavy...but I love it. Killer tracks--they are all good but Corridor of Chameleons might give you a scare or two:)

97.Eternal Devastation--Destruction(1986)
One of the pioneers of the German thrash metal scene, Destruction were at their best on this one...and why not? This is 1986!! and everything is gold. Killer tracks--Curse the Gods,Eternal Ban and Upcoming Devastation(instr).

If you think Death Metal cannot gel with Jazz,Fusion,Electronica...thing again! As fate would have it, this is the only Cynic recording ever(edited to add--they came out with Traced in Air recently, I have yet to lay my hands on it)and what a mark it made on the metal scene. I really can't pick killer tracks here except for How Could I, but the sheer musical skill displayed throughout the album will keep you mesmerized.

95. Persecution Mania--Sodom(1987)
Ahh Sodom, another piece of the great German thrash scene of the eighties. If anybody plays thrash by the book, it's Sodom. Killer tracks--Nuclear Winter, Bombenhagel, Outbreak of Evil and very neat rendition of Motorhead's Iron Fist.

94. Lights..Camera..Revolution!--Suicidal Tendencies(1990)
I was actually torn between this and How Will I Laugh Tomorrow....but this came on top. Combining punk, rock and some elements of thrash ST created a gem of an album here. Killer tracks--You Can't Bring Me Down, Lost Again and Alone.

93. Annihilation of the Wicked--Nile(2005)
Wow, an album from the new millennium cracks the list..yes it's that good. What can I say about this album...well...prepare to be annihilated! This is Nile at their brutal and technical best. Astounding drumming, haunting egyptian melodies, bone crunching riffs.....aah!. Killer tracks--User Maat Re, Lashed to The Slavestick and Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten.

92. A Predator's Portrait--Soilwork(2001)
What do we have here..another one from the new millennium? These Swedes borrow quite a lot from other genre greats, but what they have created here is quite possibly one of the most accessible yet punchy melodic death metal albums ever. Killer riffing combined with atmospheric keyboards and double bass mayhem make this any metaller's wet dream. Killer tracks--Needlefeast, The Analyst and Shadowchild.

91. The Dark Saga--Iced Earth(1996)
Let it be known that Matt Barlow is undoubtedly one of the most powerful voices in all of metal. With that said, this is not Iced Earth's best album, but it sure packs a lot more feel and punch than your DragonForces and Stratovariuses. Killer tracks--I Died for You, The Hunter and Depths of Hell.

90. Human--Death(1991)
The founders of Death Metal have finally cracked the list. As with any Death album, it is very hard to tell you what exactly is brilliant about it. Killer riffs, awesome bass work, great drumming, blazing solos, it's all there. Same for the songs..they're all great; every Death album is brilliant from start to is this one. It's just that I find a few of their own albums better than this.....(to come later)

89. Ignorance/Surf Nicaragua EP--Sacred Reich(1987)
This is Sacred Reich's best album(plus an EP with some live recordings--box set)...period. In fact this might just be the only Sacred Reich album worth listening to. Their most acclaimed album, The American Way is just too sloppy for my tastes...I steer clear of should you. This one is pure thrash madness as it should be...Killer tracks--Death Squad, Victim of Demise and check out the absolutely killer cover of Black Sabbath's War Pigs(much better than the Faith No More one).

88. Cause of Death--Obituary(1990)
This is Obituary's most balanced recording to date. With death metal classics like Body Bag, Chopped in Half and the monster Find the Arise you just cannot go wrong with this one. They also introduced solos here, and it's a welcome change from Slowly We Rot.

87. Wages of Sin--Arch Enemy(2002)
With Angela Gossow's recruitment, two things happened to Arch Enemy. One, the sound did not remain your typical death metal type...two, the music got better! Yes, this is THE definitive Arch Enemy album. Some may argue Burning Bridges, but this stands heads and shoulders above that album in my book. Michael Amott is a guitar god and the level of musical precision on this album is almost clinical. Killer tracks--Enemy Within, Ravenous and Dead Bury Their Dead.

86. Ashes of the Wake--Lamb of God(2004)
That's right, scoff if you will, but this is no screamo emo metalcore crap. This is a pure headbanger from start to finish and is everything that metal should be in the new age. Killer tracks--Laid to Rest, The Faded Line and Remorse is for the Dead.

85. Enemy of God--Kreator(2005)
The mighty Kreator have finally cracked the list and what they have here is inarguably the greatest thrash album of the new millennium. Nuff said...Killer tracks--Enemy of God, Impossible Brutality and Murder Fantasies.

84. Blackwater Park--Opeth(2001)
This is the only Opeth album I can stand from start to finish...why? Because it is that good. Nowhere do the abnormally long songs feel forced and that's what is great about it. It has a melancholic feel to it and the mood keeps oscillating from the grey to the serene to the angry. You have to let it grow on you. Killer tracks--Bleak, The Drapery Falls and Blackwater Park.

83. Eternal Nightmare--Violence(1988)
A truly underrated thrash masterpiece of the eighties. Riffs, riffs and more riffs..that is all this album is about. I'm not complaining and neither should you. Killer tracks--Serial Killer, Phobophobia and Kill on Command.

82. Dreaming Neon Black--Nevermore(1999)
This is Nevermore's masterpiece....a masterpiece in all of metal actually. They combine power and thrash to produce one of the most outstanding concept metal albums ever. Killer tracks--Beyond Within, Poison Godmachine and Forever.

81. Alice in Hell--Annihilator(1989)
Annihilator's thrash debut and inarguably their best album to date. Jeff Waters weaves pure genius with this album that's heavy yet surprisingly accessible. Killer tracks--Alison Hell, W.T.Y.D. and Wicked Mystic.


Mustang said...

yeah brother thanks for not leaving this musically creative insane bunch (annihilator) out of the list...though am still on look out for Mega...i'll post again once i come across it

serioussam said...

Yeah, I couldn't just leave them out. I was torn between Alice In Hell and Never Neverland though. Mega will be there of course, you know it :).